The list of ways and places to use Bitcoin is expanding rapidly and it is nearly impossible to maintain a list of all of them.  Below are just a few of the many opportunities you have to spend Bitcoin.

  • Through a local or online merchant that accepts Bitcoin. offers a map of physical locations that accept BitCoin for payment and Bitcoinada offers this Canadian resource for merchants accepting Bitcoin.
  • Bylls is a new Canadian service that offers you the ability to pay your bills using Bitcoin quickly and conveniently for very reasonable fees.
  • allows you to shop (indirectly) on using Bitcoin.  The way it works is you pay in Bitcoin and one of the users what wishes to acquire Bitcoin will make your purchase for you and get your Bitcoin in exchange. Though this author has not tested the service, it appears to be a clever way of both using and getting Bitcoin.  There is, of course, a fee associated with the service.
  • allows you to place an ad to sell your Bitcoin locally.