All those commentators on the digital currency market who claimed that we would see Bitcoin’s value rise in the near future seem to have been right. This was confirmed by BTC breaking through the $50,000 valuation limit for the first time since May this year. The exact peak was stabilized at $50,270. In one day, Bitcoin gained 3 percent in its value, and the capitalization of the digital gold rose to the level of $943 billion.



Cardano on BitBay

CEE’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, BitBay, made deposits for Cardano available on its platform on Monday, August 16, 2021. In turn, trading using the Cardano cryptocurrency (ADA) began at noon two days later. ADA currently ranks as the third largest cryptocurrency. Its market valuation is over $69 billion.

All this translates into making Cardano buying and selling available to BitBay exchange customers. This exchange offers trading pairs ADA/PLN, ADA/USDT or ADA/EUR. It enables the exchange of as many as 52 different cryptocurrencies.

It is also worth mentioning that Cardano gained a new ATH last week, at a level above $2.30 per ADA. The ADA price, after its lowest level dating back to July 20, 2021, when Cardano was priced at $1.02, rebounded 139 percent to a multi-week high – it traded at $2.45. According to one of the cryptocurrency market analysts, Rekta Capital, Cardano has a chance to pierce further resistance zones and climb upwards.

FB stablecoin payment system on the finish line

David Marcus, who is a board member of the Diem Association, conveyed in a blog post that the Diem payment system will be licensed in almost every US state. Diem is Facebook’s stablecoin payment system. Thus, the project is actually ready to launch along with the stablecoin Novi.

This is confirmed by Facebook Inc. Novi digital wallet may be launched soon. It is to be integrated with the Diem app. Novi is supposed to be the best and easiest money transfer between people.

Coinbase with big acquisition plans

The position of the largest US cryptocurrency exchange has long been unthreatened and belongs to Coinbase. Its CEO Brian Armstrong, via Twitter, announced that the company has received board approval for major cryptocurrency purchases. It has plans to purchase more than $500 million worth of digital assets, which will significantly increase its existing holdings. It is not yet known what digital assets will be on Coinbase’s “target”.

Additionally, Armstrong conveyed that the exchange wants to invest 10 percent of all profits earned in cryptocurrencies from now on.

BlackRock will collaborate on Bitcoin mining

BlackRock is one of the largest companies that toils in asset management. Last week, it acquired two key Bitcoin mines – Marathon Digital Holdings and Riot Blockchain – as part of an ongoing investment. The total value of the purchase is valued at a whopping $9 trillion US dollars.

BlackRock has already officially filed the required registration documents with the SEC on June 30, which confirms that it has begun operations in the Bitcoin mining market.

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