CoinFest Winnipeg 2014

Thank you all so much!

To all of you who made it out to CoinFest Winnipeg today,  I just wanted to  say thank you for helping to make it such a tremendous success.

I can only estimate, but it looks like we ended up getting somewhere between 100-125 attendees!  Bitcoin is alive and well in Winnipeg!

We will be looking to host a Meetup again soon.  It’ll be a little bit more casual of an event than CoinFest.  Think part round table discussion, part Bitcoin mixer. Hoping you all can make it out.  Date/time to follow when I can get my schedule nailed down (just about to start the Parade of Homes and that’s a killer busy time for me).

I also wanted to extend a sincere thank you to our speakers, Mark Jenkins of Skullspace, Shawn Stone of BitTeller, John Thore Stub Sneisen of, and Richard Vialoux of  You guys did a great job and I so appreciate the insight and information you provided today.

I’d like to thank the event sponsors: Santa Lucia Pizza, Best Sleep Centre,, KMG Gold, and BitTeller. Without the support of these great pioneering companies CoinFest could never have happened.

And finally, a special thank you to the serving staff at Santa Lucia Pizza who did a great job despite the chaos that was CoinFest Winnipeg 2014.

Thank you all for showing your Bitcoin love, and for making CoinFest Winnipeg the single biggest, single best Bitcoin event in Winnipeg history!

Left to right: Josh Nekrep, Vignesh Sundaresan, Nick Burley, Shawn Stone
Left to right: Josh Nekrep, Vignesh Sundaresan, Nick Burley, Shawn Stone

Pictures from the event, as well as a link to the media coverage can be found on the Facebook Group page here:


Josh Nekrep